Our First Client.
Token Artists are Fidget Friend’s very first client and hold a special place in our hearts. We also built the site for their sister company, Creative Rep which helped us quit our day jobs and get this show on the road.
"Renae and Simon really get the entertainment business and always find creative ways to solve our problems and gave us a platform that we can manage ourselves.”
Designing over the years
Over the years we have tweaked this design to cater for their growing number of artists. Right at the beginning, we managed user experience for this site and our friends at Small Studio designed. The current iteration was designed by our very own Daniel Billingham.
the many faces
This site is about creating some understated showbiz pizazz, while also being user friendly to the casting directors, agents and bookers who use it. It's a functional site that advertises the huge range of events their artists appear in and it has a CMS that is easy for the team over at Token to keep updated.
Easy to use Content Management System
Artist Profiling and Event promotion requires a lot of data entry and media organisation, so we designed the CMS to be thrillingly easy to use so Token can maintain 99% of their data independently.
Digital Strategy, Branding, Content Strategy, User Experience Design, UX, Interface Design, Front-end Development, Responsive Design, Drupal Development
Client: Token
Date: 2012