Taking Smart Steps Toward Your Mental Health.
In some ways, SMART has become our most ambitious eHealth tool yet, being that we’ve designed and built a custom social network tailored to a very unique group of users with particular needs. Partnering with Swinburne University, Fidget Friend managed the design and technical build of this website.
A Supportive Environment
SMART is a social and support network for workers, carers and consumers with severe mental health issues. SMART is designed for tablet as the primary device (as well as being fully responsive across all devices) because patients will be using this website together with their workers. 
Pick your avatar
Pick an Avatar
Using SMART, our users can choose to upload their own profile picture or to pick from one of ten avatars. This provides complete safety & privacy when interacting with other users within the site.
Designing SMART
Because SMART is very much about connection and shared experience, it was paramount we hit the right user experience for this group if we were going to successfully get them feeling comfortable enough to use the tool. Design and flow was absolute key for this project.

From a design point of view, the structure of SMART is very considerate to the users. Taking the lead from leading research on the user behaviour of those with severe mental health issues, we avoided taking users deep into the website by preferencing longer scrolling pages over  deep, click-through navigation. This is known to reduce the fear of technology and feelings of claustrophobia. 

The colour palette was chosen to reduce distraction, to instil hope, to feel fresh and to tie the overall experience together as positive. We used illustrations and icons to make the experience more memorable and even a little bit fun! With SMART, every pixel has been thoughtfully placed and then tested to make sure we’re talking the talk of our users. 

Language was an important consideration. Swinburne engaged their own consumer focus group to test all the labelling within the site to ensure they were sensitive to the participants’ emotions and feelings.
Fiona Marie Foley

Swinburne University

"Fidget Friend have built us a site that does exactly what we wanted it to do and it looks amazing. They took the time to really understand what we wanted and the unique needs of our end users. They were a great team to work with and were helpful and collaborative from beginning to end"

SMART provides personalised prompts on the user's timeline to guide the user every step of the way through the topics. Users can get interactive by making comments, finding new friends and completing interactive exercises online.
Guided all The way
SMART provides its own social network where people can meet on the forum, make friend requests and send private messages, all with the option to remain anonymous by choosing their own Avatar and username.
SMART provides private and public spaces. My Area is the private space where users create their own personal roadmap, chart their well being, track favourite factoids and manage connections they have made on the site.
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Client: Swinburne University
Date: 2014