Finding a fulfilling sex life after cancer.
The brief was to create a video rich platform that simultaneously delivers a meaningful recovery tool for cancer survivors and captures valuable research data. A platform that seamlessly works across all devices as an intimate and safe space for cancer survivors to take back control of their sexuality by using some of the latest psychology methods available, today.
Kicking Off
Renae and Simon began by flying to Sydney to meet Catalina, (University of Sydney) Annie and Amelia, (Cancer Council). We love the initial part of the process because it’s where we investigate where the BIG IDEA lies. We want to uncover the spark, the opportunity and most importantly how we can realise the vision inside the minds of our clients.

The challenge was to deliver a safe place that engaged and personalised the intervention program for survivors and to balance that alongside robust research requirements for data. The Rekindle content is meticulously tailored, through dimensions such as gender, sexuality, relationship status and the current unmet needs of the participant. This tailoring ensures every user has an individual experience, which can often be lacking in online intervention programs.

Developing an Identity
Working with award winning Sydney agency, Spring in Alaska, our teams worked together to find an

inspiring logo and colour palette to represent the mission of the Rekindle.

Designing Personal Pathways
Following this initial workshop, in tandem we began detailed specifications, wire framing, branding and the overall digital content strategy. From there, Daniel began working on the User Interface.

The design phase is where we funnel all our ideas, communication, and requirements into a page layout. The client has their idea mirrored back to them and it can be a delicate process for everyone involved, especially in a project with this much complexity. Our challenge with Rekindle was to create a structure that allowed for a very personal pathway and then layer on top of this, an intimate and private backdrop for such a delicate topic. We wanted to make an immersive personal pathway that would allow video to come to fore and set the mood to rekindle excitement in a person’s sexuality.

Content that connects
With the logo and design underway, Renae delivered a content strategy by asking our clients; how can each piece of information be represented in a way that conveys clearly the voice and tone of Rekindle? How will it resonate with our survivors? And what is the most engaging way we can motivate our users to continue this program? 

After talking to survivors within the Uni Sydney/Cancer Council network, we found that they connected most with real people talking in plain language. So, six months later we had shot and edited some 300 videos with over 25 participants, most of which were casted and produced to speak individually to the number of user types we were predicting – i.e LBGT, heterosexual audiences, couples, singles etc.

“Fidget Friend managed the process of branding, content strategy & production, design, development, testing and implementation.” 
Amelia Beaumont
Project Manager Cancer Council australia
Games to Engage
Alongside the multitude of videos, Rekindle offers the user an interactive learning experience by employing a number of games to teach some of the psychological fundamentals. These arm the person with tools to equip them as they set about their sexual recovery in the real world.
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Measuring Progress
Our users' progress is measured at key points throughout the entire Rekindle journey. Offering a feedback mechanism gives the user a guage and a sense of progress, whilst providing valuable research data for the Rekindle team. 
Rekindle on any device
Rekindle was custom built to work seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile, giving our user the opportunity to choose the device that gives them the most optimal level of safety and security.
Client: University of Sydney & Cancer Council Australia
Date: 2014
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