Get back on track after Testicular Cancer


Fidget Friend partnered with the University of Sydney to create an intervention program that helps men get back on track after being treated for testicular cancer. We managed design, development and also advised on video strategy.
We designed eTC using a light public site to provide a welcoming and friendly opening, while moving into a darker and more private theme after becoming a member, to provide a private space where survivors can feel safe to work through the program’s content.

Bringing the transport theme to life, we again used a progress centered design approach, being that men were the primary users.

Designing for progress
Dr Louise Heiniger
University of Sydney
“We just felt like we were in really good hands with Fidget Friend! Simon and the team worked very efficiently through the technical build, ensuring that the site functionality was exactly what we wanted and exceeding our expectations with the multi-device compatibility of the site. They were friendly, yet professional, and I’d make no hesitation in recommending Fidget Friend to anyone looking for an experienced web development team.”
Fully Responsive
Our first fully responsive program – again to target the men in that age group who would be using it on smartphone and tablet.

Finding A Voice men can Trust
At all stages this program was rigorously tested with a focus group attached to the University of Sydney and the program has benefited from this in that it speaks directly to it’s audience in a voice that resonates.

One of the most compelling aspects of this program is being able to watch young men candidly talk about their experiences through various stages of their cancer journey. Honest, brave and vunerable, these men have come forward to talk in a way that speaks directly to the men this site is built for.

eTC is currently in a private pilot phase before launching to public.
Digital Strategy, Branding, Content Strategy, UX Design, User Experience, Interface Design, Front-end Development, Responsive Design, Drupal Development, Custom Reporting, e-health
Client: University of Sydney
Date: 2014